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JSC Studio Self Capture Program is the First Industry Solutions Providing Rent or Buy the Self Capture Kit Tools you need to Capture your own Malaysia Passport Photo in less than 5 Minutes with No Risk of Rejection.

Our Program Details

Self Capture Kit Tools
JSC Studio Self Capture Kit Tools are All-In-One Package that include White Backdrop, Mini Studio Lights, Apple iPhone 13 Pro Max, JSC Studio Photo App and JSC Studio Cloud Albums Account that are designed withstand of High-Volume Professional usage under extreme and rough conditions. You can learn how to order the Rent or Buy Self Capture Kit Tools below.
Rent or Buy
During the Rent or Buy process, you are require to Register an JSC Studio Account to enable you to enter the Self Capture Kit Tools ID and Manual ID that Indicate you Entirety Agree that you have the Knowledge and Experience to do perform your intended Self Capture of your own Passport Photo on Indoor Environment at Home or Office.
Photo App
JSC Studio Photo App is a Intelligent Biometric Photo Capture and System Configuration App that Build In on our iPhone 13 Pro Max (Note* Not Available On App Store) that comply with the International Civil Aviation Organization (CAO) Standards include Unique Physical Characteristics using AI and ML Process with Clear, Sharp, Focus, Balance Exposure, Contrast and White Balance. The JSC Studio Photo App will automatic Crop the Photograph with the Malaysian Passport Size of 50 mm (Hight) x 35 mm (Wide).

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