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One (1) Copy of Passport-Sized Photo, One (1) Copy of Passport (The Entire Booklet With At Least 18 Months Validity), Two (2) Certified True Copies of All Academic Qualifications (If Applicable), Two (2) Certified True Copies of English Language Proficiency (If Applicable), Pre Arrival Examination Report, Medical Examination Report, COVID-19 RTK Test Report, One (1) Copy of MySejahtera Vaccination PDF or Yellow Vaccination Card, Release Letter / Visa Cancelation, Other Supporting Documents (Where Necessary) and Accommodation Form.

SECTION 9 - Declaration by Parent / Guardian / Sponsor

SECTION 10 - Declaration and Agreement By Applicant

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(a) That JSC Studio Academy reserves right to vary or reserve any decision regarding admission or enrollment made on the basis of incorrect or incomplete information given by me.

(b) To abide by all academic, administrative and examination rules and regulations of the programme and to uphold the integrity and good name of JSC Studio Academy at all time.

(c) JSC Studio Academy shall have absolute right as it deem fit to defer, close or not to commence any module or programme and to review, change and update subject curriculum in any programme. (d) To abide by the JSC Studio Academy Code of Honour, as outlined in the General Rules and Regulation in the relevant JSC Studio Academy Student Handbook.

(e) The personal data you have provided in this form will be used by or on behalf of JSC Studio Academy to send you further details including events, academic programme and additionally will be shared to JSC Studio Academy Appointed Third Party Agents.

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