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Virtual Production Services

1. Acceptance

It is not necessary for any Client to have signed an acceptance of these terms and conditions for them to apply. If a Client accepts a quote then the Client will be deemed to have satisfied themselves as to the terms applying and have accepted these terms and conditions in full. Please read these terms and conditions carefully. Any purchase or use of our services implies that you have read and accepted our terms and conditions.

2. Booking
The Client will be Required to Complete a Booking Form, on Receipt of the Booking Form, JSC Studio will send an Email as Confirmation. The booking will then be considered Confirmed. JSC Studio will only carry out work only where a Booking Confirmation and Agreement is Provided either by Web Portal or E-Mail or WhatsApp.

3. Charges

Charges for Services to be Provided by JSC Studio are defined in the Project Quotation that the Client Receives in PDF via E-Mail or Whatsapp. Quotations are Valid for a Period of 14 Days. JSC Studio Reserves the Right to Alter or Decline to Provide a Quotation after Expiry of the 14 Days. Unless Agreed otherwise with the Client, all Photography Services Require an Advance Payment of a Minimum of Fifty Percent (50%) of the Project Quotation Total Upon Signing Confirmation before the Work is Supplied to the Client for Review.

A Second Charge of Fifty Percent (40%) is Required by Progressively On Works Scope and Third Charge of Ten Percent (10%) is Required Upon Completion of the Work and Release of Materials to Client. Payment Balance are strictly 14 Days from Date of Invoice. Payable by Cheque or Bank Transfer, or Cash to JSC Studio. JSC Studio reserves the Right to Hold the End Products before Payment Received.

4. Deposit

JSC Studio Required 50% Deposit Upon Confirmation of All Kind of Videography Services.

5. Client Review

JSC Studio will Provide the Client with an Opportunity to Review the Appearance and Content of the Images Once the Overall is Completed. At the Completion of the Project, such Materials will be Deemed to be Accepted and Approved unless the Client notifies JSC Studio otherwise within Seven (7) Days of the Date the Materials are Made Available to the Client.

6. Payment

Invoices will be Provided by JSC Studio upon Completion but before handover of the End Products. Quotation and Invoices are Normally Sent via Email or Whatsapp however, the Client may choose to receive Hard Copy Invoices. Invoices are Due Upon Receipt. Accounts that remain unpaid for Thirty (30) Days after the date of the Invoice will be Assessed a Service Charge in the Amount of the Higher of One and One-Half Percent (1.5%) or RM 200.00 Per Month of the Total Amount Due.

7. Additional Charges

Client Agrees to Reimburse JSC Studio for any Additional Expenses Necessary for the Completion of the Work. Examples would be Outstation Travel Including Transportation, Accommodation, Food and Beverage Cost, Hair-Stylist, Processing, Printing or Any Other 3rd Party Add-On Costs with Additional Mens Hour Required shall be Pay by Client.

8. Default

Accounts Unpaid Thirty (30) Days after the Date of Invoice will be Considered in Default. If the Client in Default Maintains any Information, Images or Videos or Files on JSC Studio, JSC Studio will at its Discretion, Remove all Such Material from its Storage Space. JSC Studio is Not Responsible for Any Loss of Data Incurred due to the Removal of the Service.

Removal of Such Material does not relieve the Client of the obligation to Pay Any Outstanding Charges assessed to the Client’s Account. Cheques Returned for Insufficient Funds will be Assessed a Return Charge of RM 500.00 and the Client’s Account will Immediately be Considered to be in Default until Full Payment is Received. Clients with Accounts in Default Agree to pay JSC Studio reasonable Expenses, including Legal Fees and Costs for Collection by Third-Party Agencies, incurred by JSC Studio in enforcing these Terms and Conditions.

9. Cancellation/Termination

Termination of Services by the Client must be Requested in a Written Notice and Requests for Termination of Services will not be honoured until and unless Confirmed in Written Letter send in by Email or WhatsApp. Telephone Requests for Termination of Services will not be honoured. The Client will be Invoiced for the Work Completed to the Date of First Notice of Cancellation for Payment in Full within Thirty (30) Days.

10. Copyright

The JSC Studio Retains the Entire Copyright to Data, Documents, Files, Photos, Videos and hereby Grants the Client the Rights to Unlimited Nontransferable and Nonexclusive Rights to Use Such Material and Reproduce the Images for which Client Pays.

11. Standard Media Delivery

Unless otherwise specified in the Project Quotation, this Agreement assumes that Any Images will be Provided by the Client in Electronic Format Delivered on Web Portal and Cloud Drive, where Clients are able to Login, View and Download, unless Request by Clients in Thumbdrive. Clients will be Provided Physically in High Quality Print Suitable Electronically in .jpeg, .png, .mov, .mp4 Format.

12. Post Placement Alterations

JSC Studio Cannot Accept Responsibility for any Alterations Caused by a Third Party Occurring to the Client’s Pages once Installed. Such Alterations include, but are not limited to Additions, Modifications or Deletions.

13. End Product Delivery

JSC Studio will be Deliver the End Products According to the Timing which Written on the Invoice(s) and Package that Clients Chosen.

14. Expenses

Price Above are Offered for State of Penang Client Only. For Outstation and Oversea Clients shall be Liable to pay such Extra Expenses or Fees at Quoted Based on Location including the Transportation, Accommodation, Food and Beverage Cost.

15. Rejection

The Client shall Forward any Grievances, If any, within 7 Days of the Product Delivered and Return the Product, Otherwise it Shall be Construed as Product Received Satisfactorily in Good Order and Condition.

16. Governing Law

This Agreement shall be Governed by Law of Malaysia.

17. Notes

As you can see, the full subscription has more value added offerings. Please note that these are the base packages. Please let us know which one suits you best after you have evaluated accordingly or we can discuss further as we are open to negotiations to customise the package according to your needs. 

Please kindly acknowledge receive this email and hope to hear soon. There will be a contract to sign upon acceptance. Kindly clicking I Agree to the Terms & Conditions in the Online Booking Form or Sign on the Hard Copy Booking Form and Return a Copy to Us.

Copyright © 2014 - 2021 JSC Studio. All Rights Reserved.

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