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JSC Studio | FAQ
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What is JSC Studio?
Pocket News is a news information portal. It was launched on 6th January 2014, as the Internet Edition of Malaysia’s English News Portal which had been change with added features and functions to follow our current trend being an online news portal.


Who Owns JSC Studio?
JSC Studio is the property of JSC Studio (Reg No.: 02367326-V) with Suruhanjaya Syarikat Malaysia (SSM) and JohnShen Lee him self as the Founder of JSC Studio which he is also the independence journalist under freelance with Newsmexx TV and USPA which also the member of International Association of Press Photographer (IAPP) with accreditation Certificate International Press Photographer (CIPP).


How to add JSC Studio Bookmark Apps on IOS & Android?
Your iOS or Android Home Screen isn’t just for Apps. Now you can put your beloved Pocket News bookmarks on your Home Screen too, creating with just one-tap shortcuts to your favourite JSC Studio website. Click the image or the title to enter the Instruction Page.


JSC Studio Mirrors Site?
JSC Studio does not have any mirrors site. Do not visit and enter your JSC Studio Username and Password to any other websites that are similar to the JSC Studio Website to avoid phishing. Please do report such sites to JSC Studio immediately if you found out the similar site to JSC Studio. You may sent us such website’s link directly to technical@jscstudio.com.my


JSC Studio Domains Owned?
The following Domains are owned by Pocket News and JSC Studio. 

  • images.pocketnews.com.my
  • pocketnews.com.my
  • jscstudio.com.my
  • pocketnews.my