What We Offer You

Pocket News is the Independence Leading Media Industry Solutions in Malaysia Providing Various News Services including News Wire, Editorial Image, Public Relations and Event Management with Value that Exceeds Client Expectations.

Our Services

News Wire
We Provide Reliable Real-Time News Stories and Updates Home and Aboard with 24/7 Real-Time Transmission for Global Clients.
Editorial Images
We Provide Accurate, Authentic and Quality Editorial Images Including Photography and Videography From Breaking News, Events, Fashion, Human Interest, General News, Politics to Sports at Home and Abroad.
Public Relations & Event Management
We Provide Professional Press Release Distribution with Domestic and International, Publicity and Promotions Services. We Provide Event Management including Marketing, Publicity, Artist Management, Sound & Lighting Arrangement from All Scale.

Still Have Doubts?

We Pride Ourselves on making sure Our Service able to Fit to All Your Needs as you Deserve the Best, and We Won’t Settle for Providing Anything Less. Pocket News Team had make the Full Commitments to all of Our Customers and Make Them the 100% Satisfaction.

Growing News Network

We Are Not Only Motivated but We Do Understand The Core Value and Efficiency

Publishing Platform

We Provide Professional Publishing Platform With Largest Distribution Network.

Industry Landscape

The Transformation from Traditional Services to Technology Services.

We’re Always Looking For More Unique Talents

We Value Individuals With Passion That Always Drive Extra Mile. We Are Looking To Work With People Who Are Creative With Motivated.