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Experience Centre

JSC Experience Centre is a In-Person Laboratories Platform for Young and Passionate Youth to Experience and Engage in Self-Development Space where where the Space is Tailored to Your Needs through Knowledge and Skills Challenges by Bring in Data from Multiple Sources to Create and Enhance Real-Time Profiles Simulations uses Advanced Technology, Machine Learning and AI-Driven Insights to help you to Deliver the Right Experiences Across Every Channel to help Navigate Practical Challenges Experience on Campaigns, Task, Projects, Assignments, Events and Etc on Communities, Companies and Clients before you enhancing your Skills and Knowledge through our Academy. 

Participate in Virtual Hackathons or Similar Activities to Conceptualize and Execute Your Ideas. This include several initiatives from like Workshops, Leadership Development, Webinars with Experts, Panel Discussions with Industry Leaders and Cross-Cultural. No Matter which School, College or University you are from, there is something for Everyone! Exploring the Experience Centre Programme and Digital Experience Platforms (DXPs) in Today’s Driven Market.

Our Experience Programme

Discover More About Your Self and Understand Your Skills, Work Values and Learning Styles. These Know Yourself Tools are meant to Facilitate Self Awareness and Exploration to Determine your Current Real World Status. You will be receiving our Guidance Counsellors Recommended for the best opportunities for you to build and plan your Education or Career.

Every Tool allows you to Discover a Different Aspect of Yourself. It Will Help to Bring You a Step Closer to Finding the Your Skills, Work Values and Learning Style as well the Career Pathway that most suited for you as the Six Career Interest Types are Realistic (R), Investigative (I), Artistic (A), Social (S), Enterprising (E), and Conventional (C).

Besides Speaking to the your Friends and Parents, We Wanted to Hear From You who Live, Study, Hang Out and Work by getting your inputs that would us help to better and to shape you by designing the Right Programmes to you as we understood from the Community about the Range of Issues and Behaviours that you are particularly concerned about so that we can develop programmes to target these concerns.

As given the diversity of concerns, there was an apparent need for a mechanism that can suss out each youth’s unique strengths and needs prior to intervening. This brought about the introduction of Talent and Client Assessment in the Drop-In Space and Strengths Tool.

We are putting you in our Virtual Experience Centre for you to showcase your Innovation, Knowledge and Skills with Virtually Dealing with Communities, Companies and Clients including Internal Staff and Associates. This will created an immersive and engaging way for you to experience the reality with a wide range of interactive feature like Interactive Touchpoints, You Can Engage in Real Life Conversation as JSC Experience Centre offers you an immersive virtual experience like no other this enable opportunities for your Self Development through this platform.

With the Creation of User Profiles via Know Yourself and Speak To Us, our Virtual Experience Centre can Analyze the Data from Multiple Sources to Create and Enhance Real-Time Profiles Simulations uses Advanced Technology, Machine Learning and AI-Driven Insights to Deliver Hands-On Tasks, Challenges and Projects Opportunities that select based on your evaluation and put it into action on Campaigns, Task, Projects, Assignments, Events and Etc.

GEN Z Robust Development Program to provide 6 Months Development by giving you an onboarding process that will orient to the interested parties and/or companies. We offer Specific In- House Mentorship and Entrepreneurship Program including Classes and Trainings that is design for Junior Level Staff to Higher Level Staff.

We do understand GEN Z are anything but passive learners and predominantly learns by doing as well prefers active learning environments. This is the Revolution Generation that Thrives when given a Challenging Task, Immersive by Experience in which they can work through problems and really test their knowledge.

This program will lead you to improved career outcomes, as well as engagement that will help you retention and inclusion particularly important for underrepresented groups including Women, Black, Latinx and LBGTQ as well connecting senior-level employees including employers with entry-level employees. through a mentorship program

We know GEN Z wants to find the answer quickly and expects to do most things on their smartphones and/or tablet, this is why we provide training Materials, Learning Management Systems (LMS), Content Management Systems (CMS), 3 Minutes Video Libraries and Other Digital Learning Tools are all mobile and user friendly.

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