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JSC Studio Academy

JSC Studio Academy was establish on 1st September 2021. It’s the game changer that would change the industry scene in Malaysia. We are here to established and produce an outstanding generation of industry icons and creative innovation creators. JSC Studio Academy is designed to share expertise, experience and knowledge from our Mentors, Instructors and Partners with Real-Time online Web-Based mobile friendly Learning Platform.

Supported by Comprehensive Data Analytics to track as well as monitor your own Development and Performance. Our Tagline, Talent Is Future Of Opportunity which is to Demonstrate Our Mission of Bridging the Needs and Creating the Opportunity of Tomorrow through the competencies our Talents gain today. We are Committed Towards Ensuring Our Talents Gain the Competencies needed for the Workplace of the Future, and to Work Alongside the Digital Transformation Driving in Industrial Revolution 5.0

Our Courses

Students can now choose to pursue Major in Entrepreneurship and Business which is developed to prepare JSC Studio Academy Talents for Challenges in this New Digital Age In-Line with Industry Needs. We will include Experiential Programme with Start-Ups, Venture Capital Firms, Entrepreneurship Support Organizations, and Innovation Setups in Corporations that equips Talents with Essential Entrepreneurship Competency and Mindset for Identifying and Launching new Business Ventures in this Digital Economy.  This will enable the Next Generation of Talent in Driving Technological Innovation.

  • Effective Fundraising and Leadership
  • Private Equity and Venture Capital
  • Business & Financial Analysis
  • Corporate Entrepreneurship
  • Startup By CJ Combinator
  • Business Administration
  • Entrepreneurial Finance
  • Business Management
  • Product Management

Major in Computer, IT and Network Technology which is Designed to Provide a Challenging Program for Talents to Demonstrate their Full Potential in respect to Computer, IT and Networking, Software Development and Computer Hardware in the Context of Modern Digital Communication Systems. The Courses offered cover a wide range of topics including Object-Oriented Programming, Network Programming, Computational, Computer Data Networks Using Languages and Tools Such as Java, C++, UNIX, Network Simulators, Network Sensor Smart Home Environment.

  • Network Systems Administrators (Cisco)
  • Network Infrastructure & Cyber Security
  • Data Center Architecture & Engineering
  • Computer Data, Science & Network
  • Information Technology & System
  • Apps/Web/Software Engineering
  • Cloud Computing & Networking
  • Ubiquiti & Synology (Certified)
  • IT Fundamentals

Media Productions Course offers Talents the combination of Theoretical, Industrial Knowledge and Practical Skills in Several Media Industries. At the end of the day, you will be able to Develop and Produce Media Content as well gaining insight and understanding of the Media Industry as well as have the Opportunity to Form Important Relationships that will be Part of Your Future Network. Subjects Cover in a Media Productions Include;

  • Advance Cinematic & Photography
  • Media Productions Management
  • New Media & Journalism
  • Mass Communications
  • Broadcast Journalism
  • Executive Producer
  • Photojournalism
  • Art Director

The Creative Industries is one of the Fastest-Growing, Most Dynamic Sectors in the World. Studying Creative and Performing Arts, JSC Studio Academy equips you with Knowledge of Contemporary Arts, Art Theory and History. This understanding will help you develop your skills and cultivate your own creative identity. Creative Arts involves the study of theory and practice-based including Creative Writing, Music, Visual Arts and Visual Arts and Design. 

  • Creative & Imaginative Writings
  • Creative Industry Management
  • Entrepreneurial Arts & Design
  • Digital Media & Animations
  • VFX & Motion Graphics
  • Fine Art/Dance/Drama
  • Multimedia Design
  • Fashion Designer

What will our Future Phones and Devices Do? How will Our Cars, Houses and Appliances Connect Seamlessly In Day-To-Day Life? In this course, you will learn the theory of Design, Techniques and Practices to Develop Apps and Software System for the Internet, Cloud and Mobile Devices, with a Focus on Client-Server and Mobile Applications which you will explore Advanced Web Programming, Mobile Application Development, Software Development Frameworks, Databases, Web and Mobile Computing, and IT Professional Practice Project.

  • Google Cloud Platform Architecture
  • HTML5/WordPress Programming
  • Node.js / C++ / Unreal Engine
  • iOS & Android Programming
  • Cloud Security Engineering
  • Machine Learning and AI
  • JavaScript (Full Stacks)
  • Apps/Web Architecture
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