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Experience Centre

Finding The Best In Our Experience Centre

Experience Centre

JSC Studio Experience Centre is the Leading Experience Centre In-Person Laboratories in Malaysia where the space can be tailored to your needs with Real-Time Simulations and Advanced Technology to help navigate challenges before you enhancing your skills and knowledge through our Academy which focus on Special Subjects and Skills Taught.

This will enable you to join our Talent Centre which designated communities that offer multiple pathways to postsecondary success and work to retain, attract and cultivate talent. Our Aspirations mean not only to bring experience to you but also to provide you with new value that exceeds their expectations. “Meeting the Needs of Industry. Exceeding the Industry Expectations.” is our vision for the future.

Get In Touch

If you have any enquiries regarding to our JSC Studio Academy Programs, please fill in your details below. We will contact you soon.

JSC Studio Academy allows Talents to enhance their skills and knowledge with an opportunity to complete their studies overseas, which enables students to expand their international learning experience.

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