What We Offer You

JSC Studio Experience Centre is the Industry Solutions Providing Real-Time Challenges before Enhancing your Skills and Knowledge through JSC Studio Academy focus on Skills Taught which enable you to join JSC Studio Talent Centre that offer Multiple Pathways to Success and/or Work to Retain With Value Exceeds Industry Expectations.

Our Services

JSC Experience Centre
We Provide Real-Time Challenges Profiles Simulations which navigate Practical Challenges on Task, Projects, Assignments and Etc with Communities, Companies, Clients and Colleague before enhancing your Skills & Knowledge through our Academy. 
JSC Studio Academy
We Provide An Educational Platform which is Designed to Share Experience, Expertise, Skills and Knowledge from our Mentors, Instructors and Partners to Produce an Outstanding Industry Icons, Innovators and Creative Creators.
JSC Talent Centre
We Provide Dedicated Team of Makers and Doers being Social and Inclusive to Support Talent Community with Highly Skilled and Innovative Talents which Attracts & Retains Best Talent on Earth that Enable Malaysia to Reach the Malaysian Aspirations towards becoming Dynamic Talent Hub.

Still Have Doubts?

We will Provide you with an Opportunity to Experience In-House Mentorship and Robust Development that allows Talents to enhance Skills and Knowledge.

Design Thinking

Understanding The Challenges, Redefine The Problem and Create Innovative.

High Creative Minds

Meeting the Needs of Industry and Exceeding the Industry Expectations.

JSC Awards Night

Awards Ceremony to Celebrate Achievements of Outstanding Students and Talents.

We’re Always Looking For More Unique Talents

We Value Individuals With Passion That Always Drive Extra Mile. We Are Looking To Work With People Who Are Creative With Motivated.