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About Us

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JSC Studio which was Founded by Mr. JohnShen Lee and Co-Founded by Ms. Rachel Yeap established in October 1, 2014. JSC Studio leading industry solutions in Malaysia providing various of Professional and High Quality Services in Photographic’s and Videographic’s Services, IT and Networking Solutions for All Kinds of Activities and Events including the New Era of Multimedia Services with a vision that seeks to provide the right products and services for the current generation utilising its own resources. 

Which include Virtual Conferencing System, 360 Degree & VR Streaming, Virtual Classes, Virtual Press Conference, Live Photo Broadcast System for you to Search and Download your Photos easily, this system is widely used from Private Individuals to Corporate Clients that require Instant Download and Share the images.

We at JSC Studio continue to innovate our Products and Services by providing Start-To-End (STE) Personalised Solutions adapting the increasingly digital world such as Live Managed Services, Cloud  System and IoT.

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