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About Us

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JSC Studio had been established in October 1, 2014 which Founded by Mr. JohnShen Lee and Ms. Rachel Yeap with a vision that seeks to provide the right products and services for the current generation utilising its own resources.

JSC Studio is the leading industry solutions in Malaysia providing various of Professional and High Quality Services in Photographic’s and Videographic’s Services, IT and Networking Solutions for All Kinds of Activities and Events. We are passionate about bringing together the Traditional and the best of Technology to help people, businesses and the nation in an evolving world.

We JSC Studio not only are motivated to ensure our products and services are relevant but we do understand the core value and efficiency therefore we are committed to deliver the Highest Quality and Experience to our customers from Private Individuals to Businesses to Corporate affirming our commitment to Best Serve to the Needs of Different Customers.

We do understand digitalisation has changing the way we communicate to each other and access to social media platform including entertainment. We at JSC Studio continue to innovate our Products and Services by providing Start-To-End (STE) Personalised Solutions adapting the increasingly digital world such as Live Managed Services, Cloud System and IoT.

JSC Studio Start-To-End (STE) Personalised Solutions are supported by our Advance System as we are aiming to be the preferred solution provider in our business growth acceleration entering the Industry Revolution 4.0. To ensure all our client enjoy our Products and Services, we are continuously investing in our infrastructure and future technology to further enhance our capability and solutions.

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