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About Us



JSC Studio is Specialized in Providing Professional Photography and Videography Services, including Live Photo Broadcast System for you to Search and Download your Photos easily, this system is widely used in Breaking News, Editorial, Entertainment, Events, Exhibitions, Fashions, Festivals, General News, Parties, Public Relations, Politics, News Conference, Wedding, Sports and Other Scene from Private Individuals to Corporate Clients that require Instant Download and Share the images. 


We do understand the Efficiency and Value with Highest Standards Quality that clients needs as we are striving to look for maximizing our value for our customer thru Dedicated and Professionals Services, Affirming our Commitment to Best Serve the Needs of Different Customers.  This is a transformation from Traditional Photography Services to Technology Photography Services. 


This service comes with Auto Standard Photos Editing function and you can deliver your photos to your client as soon as you finish the shooting without waiting and all your guests at the event can view and download photos instantly by just scanning a QR code to access the Live Photo Album. 


JSC Studio had been established in October 1, 2014 which Founded and Created by Mr. JohnShen Lee and Ms. Rachel Yeap with a vision that seeks to provide the right content for the current generation utilizing its own resources.  There are many things that make a good services. You deserve the best, and we won’t settle for providing anything less. JSC Studio Team had make the fully commitments to all of our customers and make them the 100% Satisfaction. Our passion is providing all the services that always leave our customers feeling delighted.


Learn about the passion, creativity and hard work that sets us apart from competitors. We want to know what your brand is, what your products are and what your edge is on the competition. We pride ourselves on making sure our designs fit all our customers.