KUALA LUMPUR, December 18 – Dear JSC Studio Clients, Staffs, Employees, Contractors and Freelancers, we’re please to be informed that due to Flash Floods and Uncertain Weather Conditions in Selangor and Klang Valley, we at JSC Studio will Temporary Suspend all our Products, Services, Projects and Assignments including the operation of our office as all of our Employees are Instructed to Work From Home until further notice, only Pocket News Editorial Department will required to work as usual.

We do understand this disruption and any inconvenience causes to your work plans but as always Health and Safety remain our priority. As we at JSC Studio will always ensure the well being and safety of all our Teams Members and Clients remains priorities and paramount and we wish everyone stay safe. This implementation is in line with precautionary measures and safeguard the safety of our communities. If you have any enquiries or need any assistant in case of any emergency, please do contact JSC Studio Crisis Team at +(6) 011 – 2758 2492.

About JSC Studio Group of Companies

JSC Studio Group of Companies History began in 2014. Since then, we had continue to expend our businesses with several brands including JSC Studio, JSC Studio Production, JSC Studio IT Services, JSC Studio Broadband, JSC Studio Cloud Services, JSC Studio Academy, JSC Talent Center, Pocket News, Pocket News Images, Pocket News TV, Radiant Inspire, Simplicity Media Production, LiveAlbum.My, CJ vBrand, GatesWalths Resources and Asia 2 Trading. 

We are aware of customers demands and our uncompromising attitude toward to meet those demands. This spirit has uninterruptedly been handed down in JSC Studio with our Philosophy “Passion for Creativity and Innovation” These are simple words, but they are not easily put into practice. Strengthen JSC position as a Strategic Partner and Key Enabler to a Digital Economy and Industry Revolution 4.0 which focuses on Three (3) Strategic Pillars of Growth: Converged Products & Services; Simple and Digitalise; and High Quality with Lower Cost. 

JSC Studio aim to be Malaysia’s Leading Photographic’s and Videographic’s Provider and Top IT and Networking Solutions Provider matched Start-To-End (STE) Personalised Solutions that combine Traditional and Next-Generation Technology to bring the needs and new experience to our customers from Individual and Businesses Problems into a Solutions for them to realize the potential and an amazing enhancement from the positivity of technology not only to meet the needs of customers but also to provide customers with new value that exceeds their expectations.