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JSC Studio Special Announcement

01 Jan JSC Studio Special Announcement

Hey Guys. How was your New Year Countdown last night? Today its a brand new day with brand new year. With that i would like to make few announcement that will surprise all of you soon for the brand new year of 2015. I would like to take this opportunity to Thanks everyone here who been here with me from day one until today. All my families and friends who are endless supporting us until today.  With this i would like to says that our JSC Studio Official Website will be launching to all of you by today, which our website URL will be https://www.jscstudio.com.my/. For sure don’t we forget as well, we will launch included our JSC Studio eStore which will be able to access right now at http://www.estore.jscstudio.com.my/. 

We will be serving all of you with new features on our website from time to time. We will also be our eStore to everyone who are interested to sell products online in around the world. We will be giving out to all of Customers, Clients and Publics our JSC Studio 25% Discount Voucher which able you to purchase any of our Services. The Discount Voucher will be start from 2nd Jan 2015 to 30th Jun 2015. All of the Discount Coupons will be available from tomorrow onward. 
All Vendors are welcome to join us and add your products into our store where you will be selling your items on our website with your own page and pricing. We open our Vendors System to every one around the world. Talk to us for more information about the Vendor System. You can sell your products on our eStore like how you sell your products on your Facebook. No Extra Charges Available!   We JSC Studio Business are involve in Publishing of Newspaper, Journals, Magazines,  &  Periodical in Print or Electronic, Reproduction of Works of Art, Advertising Material & Other Printed Matter N.E.C. Providing infrastructure for Hosting, Data Processing and Related Activities, Publishing of Catalogues, Photos, Postcards, Greeting Cards, Forms, Posters,
Services of Graphic Designers, Banner, Business Card, Flyer, Poster and Etc. Planning, Preparing, Organising, and Managing Events, All Kind of Events, Motion Picture, Video and Television Programme Production Activities, Photographic Activities, Corporate, Events, Wedding, Models and Etc.  Web Portals, Developed and Design Website that required, Sound Recording and Music Publishing Activities. If you need any services as above you can always come and talk to use. As we promise, we will be giving you the best price as we can without included the 25% Discount Coupon. We are so happy to announce this special news to all of you here today as our business will be officially operate right now.
With that we would like to add on that JSC Studio will be officially manage Pocket News – News of Today which we had revamp the whole website with brand new features and experience. All of you are able to check it out at http://www.pocketnews.com.my/. Pocket News will be one of the Online News Media where will be playing independence without standing on any political party.  For sure with that i would like to add on and transfer the Images eStore from johnshenlee.com to a brand new website call as images.pocketnews.com.my. Pocket News will me selling all type of Editorial Images from News to Sports. Our Pocket News Images eStore expected to be complete by the end of February and expected to launch at early of March 2015 with whole new experience that you never expect. 
We will be officially announce that our Head Office will be base at Penang which call JSC Studio. Where we will be operating from 9am to 6pm on weekdays and on weekends we only open on Saturday from 9m to 1pm. We are also planning to ope a small office at Kuala Lumpur, Singapore, Hong Kong and New York by the end of 2015. I would also like to announce as well our JSC Studio Soft Opening Ceremony will be held JSC Studio on this Sunday (4th Jan 2015) from 10am to 1pm. All of you are welcome to witness our Official Soft Opening Ceremony. 
Thank You, 
Best Regards, 
JohnShen Lee
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