GEORGE TOWN, December 1, 2014 – Good Morning to Member of the Press, Ladies and Gentlemen. JSC Studio is a Sole Proprietor company which was founded on September 2014 and established with Suruhanjaya Syarikat Malaysia (SSM) with the legal business certificated which started on 1st October 2014. JSC Studio is currently provide over ten services. JSC Studio was a rename and retransform from JS Studio which is a freelance web design and web development base in Penang which start from the year of 2009. 

JSC Studio is specialised in providing All Kind of Designs including Advertising Design, Graphic Design, Web Design and UI/UX Design. We have all type of Web Services which is Web Development, WordPress Development, E-Commerce Development, Membership Portal and Domain Registration. Other then that we do provide al kind of Photography / Videography services which included Photo Editing and Video Editing.

As we mentions above, we do provide more then ten professional services which also included Publishing, E-News Services, Advertising Spaces which available on our Pocket News Website, we are also selling editorial images for all type of news agency, companies, colleges and so on. On the side we do provide Audio/Sound/Music Producing and Recording Services. We serve customers from Individuals, Students, Small, Medium and Enterprise size businesses, to Government and Public Listed Companies) in all over Malaysia and Internationally. 

We provide customers and clients a professional service and helping clients maximise the value. We serve the global exploration and industry with an exceptional breadth of products and services that span a well’s life cycle, evaluation, completion, production and intervention. JSC Studio was own by JohnShen Lee Joon Shen which is a News Photographer under USPA. Our current JSC Studio Headquartered is located at Bayan Lepas, Penang, Malaysia.

JSC Studio is currently having the team members of five which is my self JohnShen Lee, twenty-one years old as the founder, Rachel Yeap, twenty-one years old as Content Developer, Eric Low Tze Khang, twenty years old as Graphic Designer, Chye Chang Qian, twenty years old as Web Developer and last but not least Lim Khai Gee, twenty-one years old as Sound Technician. This is the person who are working hard behind the scene.

We are a one-stop company which are excellent at managing the company that dedicates ourselves to provide you with the best service. With our in-depth knowledge of what makes a successful projects, we are proud to say that we are on top of that, a lot of our businesses come from recommendations and by word of mouth. In below attachment are all my previous project and experience. To conclude my speech i would like to say Thank You to my team members, family and friends who are endless supporting me to this moment.

About JSC Studio Group of Companies

JSC Studio Group of Companies History began in 2014. Since then, we had continue to expend our businesses with several brands including JSC Studio, JSC Studio Production, JSC Studio IT Services, JSC Studio Broadband, JSC Studio Cloud Services, JSC Studio Academy, JSC Talent Center, Pocket News, Pocket News Images, Pocket News TV, Radiant Inspire, Simplicity Media Production, LiveAlbum.My, CJ vBrand, GatesWalths Resources and Asia 2 Trading. 

We are aware of customers demands and our uncompromising attitude toward to meet those demands. This spirit has uninterruptedly been handed down in JSC Studio with our Philosophy “Passion for Creativity and Innovation” These are simple words, but they are not easily put into practice. Strengthen JSC position as a Strategic Partner and Key Enabler to a Digital Economy and Industry Revolution 4.0 which focuses on Three (3) Strategic Pillars of Growth: Converged Products & Services; Simple and Digitalise; and High Quality with Lower Cost. 

JSC Studio aim to be Malaysia’s Leading Photographic’s and Videographic’s Provider and Top IT and Networking Solutions Provider matched Start-To-End (STE) Personalised Solutions that combine Traditional and Next-Generation Technology to bring the needs and new experience to our customers from Individual and Businesses Problems into a Solutions for them to realize the potential and an amazing enhancement from the positivity of technology not only to meet the needs of customers but also to provide customers with new value that exceeds their expectations.