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JSC Studio Company Background

15 Oct JSC Studio Company Background

Company Background

JSC Studio is an Service Industries which provide customers and clients a professional service. JSC Studio is a dedicated company to helping clients maximise the value. We serve the global exploration and industry with an exceptional breadth of products and services that span a well’s life cycle, evaluation, completion, production and intervention. JSC Studio was founded and created on 1 October 2014 by JohnShen Lee which is a News Photographer under USPA. JSC Studio is register with Suruhanjaya Syarikat Malaysia (SSM) with the company registration number of 002367326-V. Our JSC Studio Headquartered is located at Penang, Malaysia.

We currently operate in Penang State it self and will be expending thru out to all the states in Malaysia. This global yet local structure permits better understanding of local markets and risks, enabling us to provide more responsive, more focused and more adaptable service. JSC Studio had create two Brands Name which is Pocket News and The Images eStore. Pocket News – News Of Today offers daily news in English. We provide content generation from the people, engage viewers and sources from citizen journalists.

The Images eStore will be selling Editorial Images. Its available for all the news company, news agency, college, blogger and individual who need Editorial Images you all can purchase right directly thru our eStore. Soon we are going to add on Editorial Videos. We provide a common safety culture, performance management and quality system across all product/service lines and geographies. We also are dedicated to benefiting the local communities in which we operate by participating in programs and initiatives that positively impact the local economy. JSC Studio is the company which engaged in the business as below:

1) Publishing of Newspaper, Journals & Magazines in Electronic Form
2) Reproduction of Works of Art, Advertising Material and Others
3) Publishing of Catalogues, Photos, Postcards, and Others
4) Services of Graphic Designers, Banner, Business Card and others
5) Planning, Preparing, Organizing, and Managing Events, All Kind of Events,
6) Photographic Activities, Corporate, Events, Wedding, Models and Etc.
7) Web Portals, Developed and Design Website that required.

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